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More and more emphasis is being directed at insulation of the house. With one of the biggest areas being the roof. As the warm area rises, if the roof isn't insulated it then escapes. This means you've got to keep the heating longer and costs you.

However, here at Kitchens Plus, we offer the Warm Roof System. This is a way to insulate the roof to trap the heat within your house and to save you money! A Warm Roof System is a layer that is put on top of your current roof, so as you can imagine there isn't any major work that needs to be done to allow you to start saving on those heating bills.

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Guardian is the creator of the Guardian Warm Roof, a revolutionary new type of roof. Guardian originally started trading back in 1988. Through many years of trade, Guardian realized that their customers were complaining about the same things. The first was that their conservatory was too hot in summer. The second was that the conservatory was too cold during winter. While Guardian gave advice to help the situation it wasn't a proper solution. They spent copious amounts time and money spent on the problem and through painstaking trial and error, they created the Guardian Warm Roof System.

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Why Guardian Warm Roof Systems

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Guardian has over 20 years experience in Conservatory installation. With the knowledge accumulated over that time, they know their stuff. The creators of the new Warm Roof System which fixes the common problems that come along with Conservatories so now they no longer overheat during the summer or become incredible cold during winter. This makes allows the already popular Conservatories to be more useful for any type of home.

As the Warm Roof System is revolutionary step forward for Conservatory design, Guardian allows other companies to build their roof system, which means more people can benefit from it. However, to be qualified to fit the Guardian Warm Roof, Guardian trains and tests each and every installer. Once the installer passes, they becomed a qualified and recognized Guardian Roof installer. This process allows Guardian to maintain a high professional standard. This high quality control means that the customer will always get a hassle free installation of a Guardian Roof.

Benefits of a Guardian Warm Roof System

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A Guardian Roof has been meticulously though out, from the materials to each stage of the creation process. This means a typical Guardian Roof takes from 2.5 - 3 days to complete. Therefore you'll be able to start enjoying you Conservatory sooner thanks to Guardian Roofs.

Within the roof there is 125mm worth of insulation which keeps the room warmer especially during the winter times. This doesn't affect the heat during the summer however as there is a free flow of air which keeps the room cool during the summer. Thanks to this air flow, you won't suffer condensation either inside your Conservatory.

To see more information and the process of building a Guardian Roof, click here.

Guardian Roof Indepth Look