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Here at Kitchens Plus, we know that every Sun Room is unique to every house. With different styles, budgets and house shapes we will help you select the perfect Sun Room for your house.

Were you thinking about a Three Season or Four Season Sun Room? Maybe you're thinking of modifying your existing porch by enclosing it? Or you want that outside feeling with worrying about pesky insects or the weather then maybe a Solarium is what you want. Already know what you want or want more information then Contact Us or find a nearby showroom to have a chat.

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Sun Rooms Explained

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What are Sun Rooms?

A Sun Room is not an extension to your house. It is more like an additional room to be used all year around. Sun Rooms are generally regarded as the same thing as Conservatories. However, this is incorrect. A Sun Room provides all the benefits of a Conservatory while removing the negatives that come with a Conservatory. Below we go into more details about the comparison

A Sun Room is built with a sturdier design. This is to support the roof of the Sun Room as the roof has tiles protecting the room from sun light so it won't get too hot for you. While there are additional windows compared to a traditional room, it is not exclusively windows that make up a Sun Room.

Why choose a Sun Room?

As explained before, a Sun Room has all the benefits of a Conservatory without and of the disadvantages of one. It is an all year around room which can be cooled during the summer and warmed up during the winter. Due to this flexibility you are not restricted due to particular weather or temperature requirements.

A normal Sun Room shouldn't need any planning permission. However, if you have an idea for a Sun Room and it is vastly different to a normal Sun Room then consult this guide to make sure that it doesn't need planning permission.

Want more natural light without any inconveniences that come with it? Then a Sun Room is what you want. While the roof is created to protect you from the Sun heating your room up too much, a roof light is able to let the Sun through without heating up the Sun Room.

Outside a Sunroom
Sunroom vs Conservatory

Sun Room vs Conservatory

Sun Rooms and Conservatories are generally regarded as the same thing and we tend to use each term to mean the same thing. However, there are some differences to why it would be better to have one particular style over the other.

A Conservatory is almost all created by glass (including the roof) and is regarded as an extension to the house. As the room is completely exposed to the Sun, temperatures can become hotter than outside. A Sun Room is similar to any other room in your home. It has a tiled roof to protect from the Sun and the only difference to any over room is that it has more windows.

A Sun Room can be used for all seasons while a Conservatory is used for only 3. Due to the constant exposure to the Sun during summer, a Conservatory can become too hot to use so in some cases a Conservatory might only be usable in two seasons. A Sun Room however has heating and cooling systems to let you cool the room during summer and warm up during winter so you can relax all year around.

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