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Here at Kitchens Plus, we know a door isn't just an entryway to your home. It is one of the most important sections of your home. It is where everyone who enters will see and walk through, people passing by will glimpse at and therefore sets the tone of your home. You also want security, no matter how good looking the door is, if it can't protect your home then you wouldn't want it. With the various materials available, we can not only get the door you've always imagined of, but we can ensure that the door makes the entrance of your home safe and secure.

We know that not all doors are on the outside but section off different areas of the house, and we know it is important to keep consistency throughout, in both the house interior design and the door design. While we show some of the more popular door designs, keep in mind we also do interior construction so removing/adding doors throughout your home will be easy and quick for us to do. If you would like more information or just to have a quick chat about what we can do for you then Contact Us or find a nearby showroom to have a chat.

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Benefits of a Residential Door

  • Safe & Secure - Ensure your front door protects you from weather and unwanted people
  • Several Material Options - Different materials to let you focus on the parts of the door thats important to you
  • Various Styles - From French to Bi-fold, choose a style to represent you
  • Colour it your way - Keep your home colour scheme the huge amounts of colours available
  • Plethora of door additions - Door knockers with or without spyglass, handles and letterboxes, customize your door your way
Residential Door

Door Materials


Aluminium Door

A popular choice in recent years for a residential door is Aluminium. Providing many benefits while remaining relatively cheap, Aluminium has proving itself as a good material to be used for a residential door. Initially being thought of as a material used in window frame construction. The Aluminium creation process has been updated and as a result, has many qualities wanted in a residential door. Due to the advancements in Aluminium processing, this material has become more versatile.

Aluminium has many good qualities that makes it a good material to be used within a residential door. Firstly, this material is very durable, as such, it is thought of as a set and forget kind of door. This means almost no maintenance is needed to keep the door in a good shape, just a quick wash and check every now and then. This leads to a long life, so unless you want a different door, this type of door won’t let you down.

Adding to the durability of the door is the fact that Aluminium is corrosion resistant and remains strong in the extreme cold. As a front/back door this material is useful as it won’t rot or warp in these temperatures.

Aluminium is a lightweight material. While you would generally think this would mean it is weak, Aluminium is incredibly strong material. This means in terms of security, it is not broken easily and is very sturdy which ensures you remain safe.

Aesthetics is an important part to any home and as such Aluminium is an easy material to customise, finish and update. With various styles that can be used and finishes such as power coating and traditional painting, you will be able to create your ideal style for the Aluminium door.

Finally, Aluminium is an inexpensive material. Even with all the advantages Aluminium has, the material is relatively cheap compared to other materials used in door creation. This is due to how easily Aluminium is made thanks to recycling the material. This results in the cost being a fraction of what it would be otherwise.


  • Won't rust
  • Very strong & stable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Weather proof
  • Widely Available & cheap
  • Long Warranty


  • Can be corroded
  • Water stain-able
  • Pricey for custom made
  • Powder Coat finished can be damaged
  • Can pit
Aluminium Door
Steel Residential Door


Steel Residential Door

If you prioritise safety, then look no further. Steel is a very strong material and as such is best used where the house has the most traffic i.e. front/back door. It can endure constant use without it negatively affecting the door. This means that a Steel door is incredibly durable with very low maintenance needed to ensure the door remains in ideal working order. This means no yearly repairing, staining or painting is needed.

Steel is a widely used material used in areas where safety is a concern. This is due to how to resistant the material is. It has a natural fire resistance in case of fires but more importantly for a front door, it is not vulnerable to typical things which negatively impact other material typed doors such as cracking, bowing and rust. Steel also has the benefit that it is easily repaired in the off chance something happens to it.

It is commonly known that Steel is a heavier type of material than its competitors. This heaviness makes it inadequate for internal doors however for a front/back door it is ideal. This aspect of a Steel door makes it difficult for it to be forced open. This means it can ensure that you house stays safe from potential intruders.

If a concern of yours is energy efficiency, then don’t worry. A Steel door is highly efficient meaning it will allow your home to remain warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. This is thanks to its high amount of insulation.

While a Steel door is mainly used for its functionality, it has a range of different finishes with a wide variety of colours which will enable you to have a Steel door which follows the aesthetical appearance of your home.

Finally, the price of this functionality is on average cheaper than Wooden doors but more expensive than other options. While this on the surface may discourage some people, once you factor in the minimal maintenance needed and lifespan of the door, it becomes cheaper than other options in the long term.


  • Strong & durable
  • Highly resistant to many elements
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to repair
  • Won't crack
  • Paint-able


  • Salt water & air can cause corrosion
  • Can't stain
  • Can be dented
  • Can rust if not properly primed and painted

Fibre Glass

Fibreglass Residential Door

A Fibreglass door is relatively new material used in door construction. But due to its many advantages, it has quickly become a popular material to be used for residential doors. It is highly customisable, if you want a wooden door but with all the advantages of Fibreglass then that is no problem, for example, it can duplicate a wooden door which only professionals would know the difference.

While being incredibly flexible with it the styling of the door, Fibreglass is a material that is tough and sturdy that is only second to a Steel door. Similarly, Fibreglass can endure anything thrown at it. Extreme changes in weather will not affect a Fibreglass door. This material does not rust, will not twist and is scratch resistant to name a few advantages. Thanks to this resistance, it requires low to no maintenance to keep working efficiently.

If you are looking for an energy efficient door, then look no further. Besides the previously mentioned physical advantages to a Fibreglass door, it is very energy efficient. This is because inside the Fibreglass door is filled with insulating foam. This results in a door that is 5 times more insulated than the traditional wooden door.

Fibreglass has many benefits that it can bring to be a residential door. However, some people would prefer a more aesthetical appearance to go with the style of their home. This is one of the main advantages of a Fibreglass door. It is extremely customisable. If you can image how you want the door to look, it’s a good chance that a Fibreglass would be able to take that appearance. From many different finishes, styles and colours, a Fibreglass door would be suitable in any home.

One negative however to using a Fibreglass door is that it is an expensive option compared to other materials available. But with Fibreglass you are getting customisability and efficiency. With being resistant, little to no maintenance needed and strong, you know that your Fibreglass door will last. Therefore, in the long run, you will be able to save money thanks to your door.


  • Insulated
  • Won't dent or rust
  • Huge amount of different styles/colours
  • Able to mimic different grains of wooden doors
  • Won't warp or shrink or crack
  • Very secure
  • Low maintenance


  • More expensive than other options
  • Door finish may deteriorate over time due to constant exposure to the sun
  • Cheap versions of material's quality is sub-par
Fibreglass Residential Door
Wood Residential Door


Wood Residential Door

The classic material, Wooden doors will always remain synonymous with being one of the most attractive and aesthetically pleasing types of material for a door. The elegance that a Wooden door supplies to a home cannot be beat by any other material. This is one of the reasons why a Wooden door has withstood the test of time and remains one the most popular choices for a residential door.

A Wooden door is not affected by temperature. This means that it will not warp or change shape due to extreme heat or cold temperatures. It is also resistant to wind damage and with the correct finish, even termite and insects won’t damage the Wooden door.

There are different types of timber to be used within a Wooden door and the general rule of thumb is the more expensive the timber used in the construction of the door the higher quality the door will be. While all the different types of timber will need some maintenance to keep the quality of the door high, it will also prolong the life of the wooden door. If the proper care has been taken of the Wooden door, it will have a long life and could be a lifetime door.

While the typical Wooden door has a natural look, you might want it slightly altered to keep the aesthetics the same as the rest of the home. For this, wooden doors have various styles they can take with different colours and finishes that the Wooden can be. Since Wooden doors are incredibly popular, any damages to a Wooden door are easy to fix since it will be simple to get the materials needed.

In conclusion, a Wooden door is a classic choice for anybody thinking about changing their residential door. With proper care, the Wooden door will last a life time and the higher quality pieces of timber used will not only make the look of your door better but will also enhance your home.


  • Highly aesthetically appealing
  • Various styles and finishes for any type of home
  • Very long life when properly maintained
  • Good insulation


  • Can be costly
  • Improper finish can cause many problems
  • Needs continued maintenance
  • Sunlight can fade colour
  • Tend to have shorter warranties


uPVC Residential Door

A uPVC door is the underdog of residential doors in recent years. It has a lot of good features which makes it an excellent material to be used for a residential door. The material is durable and sturdy, this means that a uPVC residential door will be able to last for a long time.

This material will also not rot, rust, fade, pit or corrode. This makes it ideal for a front/back door as it can handle the elements without it affecting the door negatively. Thanks to this, the door needs very little maintenance to stay high quality.

There are two main reasons why uPVC isn’t as popular as other materials used. The first reason is that it is considered quite light for a front/back door. This generally means that it would be unsuitable for the role however uPVC boasts enhance security which makes it incredibly difficult to break.

The second reason is that the look of the door is quite basic and looks like plastic. While it can be painted or stained, it doesn’t improve the appearance too much.

In conclusion, if you prefer functionality over aesthetical appearance then a uPVC door is for you. With the low maintenance needs and is resistant against most things, this set and forget door is for you.


  • High resistance
  • Very durable
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Various finishes and colours available
  • Cheap


  • Unsuitable for front doors
  • Not as aesthetically pleasing as other materials
uPVC Residential Door

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