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At Kitchens Plus, we specialise in providing dream kitchens to customers across the North East. And we guarantee hassle-free installation every time. We have been trading for over 20 years, which means we have a wealth of knowledge that’s applied to every kitchen installation. So we offer a complete kitchen replacement service, including UPVC window installation as well as a kitchen consultation service that could help you remove unnecessary costs from your bill.

Why Kitchens Plus?

  • Over 20 Years experience
  • Tried and Tested 3-Step Process
  • Simple, hassle free installation
  • Our Price Promise
  • Professionally Recognised by Government Standard Agencies
  • Multiple funding options for your home improvement projects

Our Results

Below you will be able to see various installations we have done in the North East.

Location: Acomb NE46



This customer wanted several new units for their kitchen. These units include; different sized drawer-line base units and multiple dummy drawers. Rubbish removal was included to ensure that the customer didn't have to clean up any rubbish.

From the start of stripping out the old kitchen to the fitting of the new kitchen, the total process took only 4 days. The first day involved stripping out the old kitchen and adjusting the plumbing accordingly. The second day involved fixing and adjusting any of the electrics that needed it. Also, the delivery was set up on that day. Finally, a couple days later, the new kitchen was started and finished within the day.

Once the process is complete, we ask our customer to fill out Customer Satisfaction Survey, to assess how we have done. This customer gave us glowing reviews for all aspects involved.

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Location: Blaydon-on-Tine NE21



This was a typical project for us as all Kitchen units needed replacing, however on this occasion, no electrical sockets were to be moved which also meant that no plastering work need to be done. Rubbish will be removed as well within the project so the customer won't need to deal with that.

The start of the project involved removal of the old kitchen. This was only to the kitchen as the flooring was to remain the same so great care was taken in removal to ensure the floor was not damaged. The old gas system needed to be fixed so a removal and refit was necessary, this was done as well as reconnecting the other elements such as the gas hob and sink tap.

Overall, the project ran smoothly, we swiftly returned when some issues were discovered. After fixing all the outstanding issues, we asked the customer to fill out a satisfaction form. With good scores across the board, the customer said "Very happy with the work Andy done. He was very professional at what he was doing. I would like to say he knows his job and knew what he needed when he first came to the job".

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Location: Newcastle NE5



This was a big project as all of the kitchen including wall tiles and the laminate flooring needed to be stripped and replaced. This means that all new kitchen units were needed as well as all new accessories too. We removed all the rubbish so the customer didn't need to worry about cleaning any waste when we worked.

As mentioned earlier, as the whole kitchen was being replaced, this meant that many specialty areas were involved. Plastering people were needed to take out old tiles, plumbing was needed for the new sink, tap and dishwasher. With a new kitchen means that adjusting the electrics is important to ensure there are plug sockets where you need it and lastly, we replaced the old flooring.

Like all other projects, we had the customer fill out a customer satisfaction form once we had finished. Not only did we get high marks in all areas but special praise was given to one of our kitchen installers as the customer said "Very good - worked non-stop".

To see what other customers have said about us, check out All Checked.

Kitchen Inspiration

Thinking about a new Kitchen? Take a look below at the range below and see if any of them speak to you. Got your own idea's about how exactly you want your kitchen then Contact Us or Visit a Showroom near you and we can talk about how we can make your dream kitchen a reality.

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